Newspaper and Coffee
  • Rational Standard: Africa’s first dedicated classical liberal commentary site, providing a platform to discuss classical liberal and libertarian ideas and provide commentary on current and historical events.
  • Paratus: South Africa’s premier platform for firearms, gun rights and discussions over self-defence and our freedom of self-defence.
  • Martin van Staden: Martin van Staden is a prominent South African libertarian writer, speaker, and jurist. He is a co-founder of the Rational Standard, the only explicitly libertarian publication in South Africa, and a legal consultant for various South African public policy institutes.
  • Liberal South Africa is a resource for information about the history and future of liberalism — with a classical slant — at the southern tip of Africa.
  • Codex Libertas: An archive of academic essays by libertarian economic historian, Nicholas Woode-Smith. The site contains literary critiques, history, philosophy and political analysis.